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1 Joe Abruzzese

This list was inspired by Abruzzese's impeccable attire so he has to be our No. 1. There's nothing flashy or trendy about Joe, but if you had to bet your life on someone producing the immaculate tie knot or perfectly folded pocket square (admittedly an unlikely dilemma), Abruzzese would be your man. It's not just his perfect suits (Tom James), out-of-the-box-shiny shoes (Crockett & Jones) or well-matched accessories (shirts, Charvet; ties, Paul Stewart; socks, Cole Haan) that put him atop the list, it's the fact that he demands that his troops live up to his sartorial standards. Abruzzese keeps TV looking good.

2 Cindy Gallop

Have you ever seen your agency president sporting a black leather bustier and hamster fur pants? If the answer is yes, either you are about to send him some photographs in a manila envelope and retire someplace nice, or you worked at BBH with Gallop. In the corridors of agencyland, where Max Mara is considered a fashion risk, the former BBH president combines business savvy with a defiantly female fashion profile. Her style (she calls it "intellectual sex goddess") is defined by a storied devotion to Tom Ford and a refusal to do much of anything with less than utter fabulousness. At press time, full details on Gallop's next job weren't available. This, though, is known: She will make an entrance.

3 David Granger

There's wearing nice suits, then there's wearing really, really nice suits. Granger, the dapper editor of Hearst Magazines' Esquire, favors Armani, Zegna and Calvin Klein, but has recently taken to having suits made for him by a fabulous tailor named Frank Shattuck. His style was inexorably shaped by five years at GQ and eight years at Esquire. "Unless one is insensate, it's hard not to learn about style." Using words like insensate, while wearing great suits-that's Granger.

4 Ed Lewis

If you search for Ed Lewis' name in Ad Age, you get as many stand-alone pictures of him on our photo pages as you do stories on his accomplishments as co-founder of Essence and a magazine-industry leader. If you've seen the pictures, you understand why: Ed's look is one of classic elegance with flashes of high style. Mostly, the man knows how to accessorize, using alligator shoes, white leather sandals and silk pocket squares as eye-catching finishing touches.

5 Marie-Catherine Dupuy

Dupuy is not just the chief creative officer of arguably the best creative office in the world- TBWA in Paris-she's renowned for her sharp fashion sense. Her formula: "Jeans + boots + leather = battle dress, because I'm a warrior." Leather what, you may ask? Again, simple: "Leather tailored suit jacket, leather coat, leather windjammer." Who says the French are cheese-eating wusses?

6 Andrew Robertson

Clothes make the man. In 1991, a then-pudgy agency CEO lost 16 pounds and traded in belts for suspenders. Braces from Turnbull & Asser and Ralph Lauren have since become his trademark, the cherry on a sartorial sundae layered with Thomas Pink shirts, Hermes ties, Burberry suits (tailor-made, double-vent with ticket pocket, thank you) and shoes from Church's or Monk. He puts up with the occasional Gordon Gekko crack and the humbling truth that even the chief of a global ad giant like BBDO still gets people trying to snap his suspenders. Still, Andrew, as always, gets the last laugh. "People are always shocked to discover they're not elastic," he says.

7 Jamie Kantrowitz

Others on this list stand for impeccable, fabulous, glamorous or just expensive, but Kantrowitz-VP-marketing and communications, MySpace.com-got the vote for effortless casual style. She combines shirts from Catherine Malandrino, bags from YSL, shoes from Marc Jacobs and T-shirts from James Perse with vintage pieces acquired on eBay and basics from Zara and Abercrombie. And she looks great.

8 Ray Goulbourne/ Louis Carr

Carr, president-ad sales at BET, mixes classic suits from Armani and shirts from Ascot Chang with seriously high-end watches. Goulbourne, exec VP-ad sales, does beautiful rich-colored sweaters and vibrant tie-and-shirt tandems. Plus, we just dig the aura they give off as a duo, kind of don't-sweat-it-we're-here-now-and-everything's-going-to-be-OK.

9 David Lauren

He is the senior VP-marketing, advertising and communications for Polo Ralph Lauren Co., so it follows that he'd be well dressed. But the young scion shows some serious spunk mixing pinstripes with purple cashmere and classic tweed blazers with bright orange cargo pants. And the best thing is he carries it off with enough style to make him a walking billboard for the hipper tweak he hopes to make to the House of Lauren.

10 Dave Zinczenko

Even when you've got the hair and abs to wear anything, wearing it well impresses. So David Zinczenko, editor in chief at Men's Health, gets particular points for looking so sharp on stage throughout a night of jabs from Jon Stewart during Advertising Week. Prada suits are a mainstay for Dave, who wears an athletic cut to reassure advertisers and others that he really knows fitness. But he'll mix in denim, like his new jeans-of-choice from Goldsign, and casual footwear from the folks at John Varvatos. "My 2006 New Year's resolution is to step up and add a couple of Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits to my collection," he says.

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