A Roadmap to Rich-Media Advertising Potential

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Broadband penetration throughout a regional market is the key to gauging its potential for rich media marketing campaigns. Many
observers see broadband and its ability to support seamless streaming video and sophisticated animations as a key to realizing the full potential of online advertising itself.

With that in mind, we list the 10 highest-density broadband regions of the U.S.

These markets are rated by Scarborough USA, a company that measures Internet consumers, defined as adults 18 and over who can access the Internet. The rankings are based on Nielsen Media Research Designated Marketing Areas.

No. Market Percent
01. Honolulu 42%
02. San Diego 37%
03. Austin 37%
04. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose 36%
05. Syracuse 35%
06. Rochester 35%
07. Providence/New Bedford 35%
08 Boston 31%
09. New York 31%
10. Las Vegas 31%
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