10 Howard Stern's top 10 on-air rants about Infinity

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1. I don't care. I'm moving to satellite and I'm going to be free. I don't care if I have all of the listeners I have now, I just care about being free. ...The "Free FM" that Infinity is promoting is anything but "Free." They don't have any freedom.

2. They can't compete with me. My new stuff is going to be breathtaking.

3. I have 30 days of live shows left and it can't come fast enough. I can't wait to leave.

4. [Stern's General Manager at Infinity] Tom Chiusano really should buy a satellite radio so he can tune in and hear what Infinity should be putting on their stations.

5. [CBS Chairman] Les Moonves is looking at the industry the same as he does with TV and it doesn't work like that. You can't just replace a hit radio show with another one like they'd do with a sitcom.

6. It's kind of strange for [Infinity replacement for Stern] David Lee Roth to assume that he was going to have millions of listeners when he steps in. Dave will have to earn those listeners, he can't just step in and assume that he'll have millions listening.

7. [Infinity CEO] Joel Hollander is the one out there bad-mouthing me and he can't bring himself to compliment me in any way. I'm not looking at Infinity as an enemy but when Joel is out there bad-mouthing me, it's hard not to.

8. I have no hatred for Joel. I'm shocked that he's out there bad-mouthing me now that I'm leaving. Joel should be sitting in the background and letting his new radio personalities speak for themselves.

9. On Infinity Not Throwing Him a Goodbye Party in Central Park: Howard tells listeners that Chiusano said Infinity would throw him a little party for the show and the sales team, not a huge party for his audience. "That's some way to say goodbye to someone who gave them 20 years of service and made them billions of dollars. "

10. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited Stern on Halloween and posited that [one of Infinity's replacement hosts for Stern] Penn Gillette was going to do another trick-saw Infinity's profits in half.

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