10 Who Made Their Mark

From the 'Book of Tens'

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1 Kim Kadlec
She's the young change agent who walked into a conservative company, stirred
Kim Kadlec pulled J&J out of the upfront.
Kim Kadlec pulled J&J out of the upfront.
things up and didn't cause a scandal. Johnson & Johnson's VP-worldwide media pulled the eighth-largest U.S. advertiser out of the TV upfront, started talks on putting engagement metrics into media deals and has overseen a budget shift toward emerging media. She also put the $3 billion media account up for review.

2 Jay-Z
The man also known as Shawn Carter came out of early retirement this year and started throwing his marketing weight around. He was featured in one of the spots in HP's critically lauded effort. He withdrew his support for Cristal champagne after the company dissed the hip-hop crowd. Then he went to bat for Anheuser-Busch when he accepted the title of co-brand director for Bud Select.

3 Chad Hurley
Yes, the YouTube CEO and co-founder, along with partner Steve Chen, sold his company to Google for $1.65 billion. But the real news here is that YouTube seemingly came out of nowhere, gave voice to millions around the world and made businesses think there might be something to this web-video thing after all. In the end, the Google goliath had little choice but to buy out David.

4 Patricia Gatling
The lack of diversity in the ad industry is something agencies would rather not discuss in public. But under Gatling's leadership, the New York City Commission on Human Rights this year applied some very public pressure. Using a mix of subpoenas and shame, Gatling, poked, prodded and bullied the ad industry into making sweeping promises to remedy the situation.

5 Dieter Zetsche
The DaimlerChrysler chairman's biggest impact this year may have been on Joe Eberhardt, who reportedly was the brains behind Chrysler's "Ask Dr. Z" effort. While people may have asked millions of questions of Dr. Z, they weren't buying the cars. And Chrysler dealers weren't laughing. The good doctor exited stage left, and Eberhardt was exiled to the Mercedes sales lot.

6 Julie Roehm
She started the year by leaving Chrysler and heading to Bentonville to serve as senior VP-marketing communications for Wal-Mart. We wondered at the time if she would fit in. The answer came, but not until after she validated Interpublic and put Chicago back on the map by tapping DraftFCB for Wal-Mart's $580 million account. Turns out she didn't fit in. Neither does Draft.

7 Howard Draft
Forget for a second the Wal-Mart mess. Remember this: Howard Draft went into merger meetings at Interpublic and emerged in charge of something called DraftFCB. Yes, a direct-marketing guy was given the keys to the Interpublic's new hybrid. Doubters were quickly silenced when Draft grabbed Wal-Mart's review. Now we'll see if he can pull out of the skid caused by the scandal.

8 Rachael Ray
If you're the type who despises the breakout Food Network star because she's perky, you've got plenty of reasons to grumble. This year she celebrated the one-year anniversary of her magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray, and saw the debut of her much-anticipated syndicated daytime talk show. She's a little bit Martha, a little bit Oprah-and she's everywhere.

9 Gary Brolsma
Known better as the Numa Numa kid, he was the inverse of LonelyGirl15. Not a professional actor, not exactly a pretty face. Just a guy sitting in his room, lip-synching to a slightly ridiculous Romanian pop song. But Gary's silly video didn't just go viral; it went epidemic, spawning millions of imitators and inspiring an actual commercial for an Argentina broadband network.

10 Rex Briggs/Greg Stuart
We try to steer clear of double entries, but when this duo's book, "What Sticks," claimed that 37.7% of advertising budgets are wasted, the entire industry sat up and took notice. Briggs, a marketing researcher, and Stuart, outgoing CEO of the Internet Advertising Bureau, drafted a 12-step program for those looking to quit wasteful spending and embrace a life of ROI.
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