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Top Story: Michael Moore Documentary Rattles Health-Care Giants

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During the last year, Advertising Age's website has published thousands of news stories and features on advertising, marketing and media topics. These are the Top Ten online stories and features most read by our visitors.

1. Michael Moore Documentary Rattles Health-Care Giants
Trade Groups on the Defensive; Pharma Companies Allege Bias
2. Wal-Mart Tries to Be MySpace. Seriously
Retailer's 'Social' Site May Be too Unhip and Strict to Catch Teen-Apparel Dollars
3. Ad Age Agency Report 2006
Story Plus Download 81-Page Agency Profiles
4. Clear Channel Eyes One-Second Radio Spots
'Blinks' Format Explores New Radio Ad Strategies
5. Understanding Marketing Psychology and the Halo Effect
What Apple's iPod and Motorola's Razr Can Teach Us
6. Wal-Mart's New Online Children's 'Hub' a Real Bomb
A Poorly Executed Project With Writing That Makes Us Cringe
7. Is This Dodge 'Fairy' Commercial Actually Hate Speech in Disguise?
Bob Garfield's Ad Review: Watch the Video
8. AT&T Plans to Kill Cingular Brand
But Some See Change of 'Cingular' to 'AT&T Wireless' as Mistake
9. Study: Only One in Four Teens Can Name Broadcast Networks
TV Viewing Fourth Most-Popular Activity, Behind Web, Friends, Movies
10. Ten Years of Ad Age's Women to Watch
An Interlinked Achive of the Annual Reports
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