10 unforgettable upfront moments

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1. That's entertainment: At ABC's presentation, "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry donned tails and kicked up his heels in a musical number with the wanton women from Wisteria Lane.

2. Pregnant pause: Tina Fey stood up from behind her faux news desk, patted her bump, and asked Bill Cella if he remembered that conference they both attended a few months prior.

3. Truth in advertising: Jon Stewart explained to buyers at the MTV Networks presentation why it's called the upfront: "Because it's based in honesty."

4. Post haste: Don Henley demonstrated he's no friend of News Corp., dedicating a special song to Rupe at the Turner Networks upfront: "Dirty Laundry."

5. Create your own punch line: "Jokes about Jeff Zucker are always funny," said CBS's Entertainment President Nina Tassler. "A priest, a rabbi and Jeff Zucker walk into a bar..."

6. Family-friendly: Chris Rock introduced the kids of the cast of his childhood-inspired sitcom on UPN with this charmer: "We keep Michael Jackson off the set."

7. You said it: Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone took the award for best comedic line from a corporate executive at MTV's bash: "This shiznit is gonna be off the hook."

8. High strung: The cast of "Avenue Q" at CBS included puppets of Bob Iger, Jeff Zucker and Peter Liguori decrying "It Sucks to Be Me!"

9. The early bird special: There was no liquor flowing at Lifetime's early morning presentation, but media buyers scored the best swag of the season: iPod Shuffles.

10. Or maybe a shower: It wasn't so much a memorable moment at A&E as it was the talent: at one table, Paulie and Johnny Sack from "The Sopranos"; at the next, Dog the bounty hunter; and at the third, Victoria Gotti and her slick-haired sons. Said Carat VP-programming Shari Ann Brill: "I felt like I needed a tattoo."

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