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1. adidas 'Hello Tomorrow'

The Gold Lion-winning spot from director Spike Jonze shows a jogger in the middle of a dream as he creates the world around him using his shoes.

Agency: 180/ TBWA, San Francisco. Executive

Creative Director: Lee Clow. Executive Creative Director/ Copywriter: Chuck McBride. Creative Director/Art Director: Joe Kayser. Director: Spike Jonze. Production Company: MJZ.

2. Honda (U.K.) 'Grrr'

With a visual world of Technicolor animated cuddlies and a catchy song, it seems easy to "hate something, change something, make something better."

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, London. Creative

Director: Kim Papworth, Tony Davidson. Agency Creative: Sean Thompson, Michael Russoff, Richard Russell. Director: Smith & Foulkes. Production Company: Nexus Productions.

3. Burger King 'Fantasy Ranch'

An indulgent sandwiches becomes an over-the-top location called the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch for a spot that inspired a pop culture sensation and its own blogs.

Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami. Executive Creative Director: Alex Bogusky. Creative Director: Andrew Keller. Associate Creative Director: Rob Reilly. Director: David LaChappelle. Production Company: HSI.

4. Heineken 'Beer Run'

One of the most top-secret and anticipated Super Bowl ads, "Beer Run" saw Brad Pitt risk the swarms of paparazzi for a cold Heineken.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy/Amsterdam Director: David Fincher. Production Company: Anonymous Content.

5. Nike 'Be'

Inspired by rapper Common's song "Be," agency creatives wrote a music video in which Brand Jordan has a subtle starring role in the attire and other visuals.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, New York. Creative Directors: Todd Waterbury, Kevin Proudfoot. Copywriter: Andy Ferguson. Art Director: Jesse Coulter. Director: Paul Hunter. Production Company: HSI.

6. Adidas 'Gimme the Ball'

A soccer match turns into a full-on battle, complete with horses, dogs, weapons and flying monsters.

Agency:180/TBWA, Amsterdam. Executive

creative director/Copywriter: Andy Fackrell. Copywriter: Ben Abramowitz. Art Director: Dario Nucci.

Director: Fredrik Bond. Production Company: MJZ.

7. Gap 'Dust'

Employees and customers rip apart a Gap store in a frenzied piece of choreographed hysteria.

Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Executive Creative Director: Alex Bogusky. Creative

Director: Andrew Keller. Associate Creative Director: Rob Reilly. Director: Spike Jonze. Production Company: MJZ.

8. Axe 'Imprints'

The alleged aphrodisiac power of men's body spray is touted on the backs of comely lasses.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York.

Executive Creative Director: Kevin Roddy. Group Creative Director: William Gelner. Copywriter: Matt Ian. Art Director: Amee Shah. Director: Noam Murro.

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks.

9. Guinness 'noitulovE'

This spot only broke in October, but rendered enough hits to make the top 10 with evolution in reverse.

Agency: AMV/ BBDO, London. Creatives: Ian Heathfield, Matt Doman. Director: Daniel

Kleinman. Production Company: Kleinman Productions.

10. Xbox 'Jump Rope'

An entire neighborhood joins a game of double Dutch that gets increasingly more impressive. Oh, and it was shot in one take.

Agency: McCann Erickson/ 72andSunny.

Creative Directors: John Boiler, Glenn Cole, Scott Duchon, Geoff Edwards. Director: Frank Budgen. Production

Companies: Gorgeous Enterprises, Anonymous Content.

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