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The Year's No. 1 Spot: P&G's Devo Swiffer

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Devo Swiffer
Client: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Swiffer
Title: "Swiffer Mom"
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group, New York
Doing a Devo-like robot dance, a housewife cleans house in one of the new Swiffer commercials. The spot's music is a reworked version of the classic song 'Whip It' by the band Devo, which has gone from railing against corporations to making their comercials. This was the most-watched spot on in 2003.

Chevy Chase in Turkish
Client: Ulker
Brand: Cola Turka Soda
Title: "Chevy Chase 1"
Agency: Young & Rubicam, Istanbul
In one of the more offbeat events of the year, Ulker, a large Turkish confenctionary company, signed Chevy Chase to make commercials for its new cola beverage, Cola Turka. In one of the spots, Mr. Chase walks through a Times Square district gone Turkish.

Chevy Chase Turkish #2
Client: Ulker
Brand: Cola Turka Soda
Title: "Chevy Chase 2"
Agency: Young & Rubicam, Istanbul
In another Chevy Chase spot, an American family drinks Cola Turka and begins speaking Turkish. The two commercials were so dreadfully bad that ran then as high camp. They turned out to be the sites's second and third most popular spots, drawing viewers from around the world.

Cog, the Classic
Client: Honda
Brand: Honda Accord
Title: "Cog"
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, London
In a two-minute spot that was one of the most unique commercials of the year, Honda used a Rube Goldberg-like contraption of car parts to introduce its new Accord.

Rejected Gateway Ad
Client: Gateway
Brand: Gateway computers
Title: "Rip, Burn, Respect"
Agency: Dogmatic, Los Angeles
This was the Gateway computer commercial that CBS refused to air earlier this year. The network alleged the spot was "advocacy advertising" of the kind it wouldn't allow. The ad promoted the legal downloading of music over the Internet.

Fried Chicken Debacle
Client: KFC
Brand: Fried Chicken
Title: "KFC For You"
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago
In one of 2003's top advertising debacles, KFC launched a campaign to promote the health benefits of eating fried chicken. In one spot, a wife expresses concern about healthy eating and offers her husband an entire bucket of fried chicken. The ads were pulled after the Children's Advertising Review Council charged they were misleading.

Office Sex Talk
Client: Anheuser-Busch
Brand: Budweiser
Title: "Who Would You?"
Agency: DDB Chicago
This Budweiser ad drew a large audience by asking viewers which of their co-workers they would most like to have sex with.

Pamela's Pillow Fight
Client: Miller Brewing Co.
Brand: Miller Lite
Title: "Pillow Fight"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
In yet another tasteless takeoff on its controversial "Catfight" commercial (see No. 10, below), Miller Beer featured Baywatch star Pamela Anderson covorting around a bedroom with the "Catfight" babes. The entire campaign was ultimately dropped because it didn't sell much beer.

The Urinal SUV
Client: Dodge
Brand: Durango SUV
Title: "Poster"
Agency: GlobalHue of Southfield, Mich.,
In one of the year's other landmarks in tastelessness, Dodge dragged viewers into a men's room and forced them to peep out from under a closed-door toilet stall as they listened to penis-size jokes. The spot was attempting to sell the new Durango SUV.

Busty Babes Brawling
Client: Miller Brewing Co.
Brand: Miller Lite
Title: "Catfight"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York
The year's most notorious exercise in shockvertising, 'Catfight' sparked controversy across the country but was a failure as a beer-marketing effort.

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