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2004's No. 1 Spot: Kevin Garnett Adidas Ad

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During the last year, has published more than 600 video commercials in its online news stories and weekly 'TV Spots of the Week' column. These were the Top 10 ads that our readers around the world watched the most.


Kevin Garnett Adidas Ad
Client: Adidas
Brand: The Garnett Athletic Shoe
Title: "Carry"
Agency: 180/ TBWA (Amsterdam) and TBWA/Chiat/Day, San Francisco
NBA Most Valuable Player and former Nike spokesman Kevin Garnett went to Adidas and got his own shoe ('The Garnett') and a new commercial that continued the marketer's 'Impossible Is Nothing' theme. In a striking visual and against the lyrics of the old spiritual 'He's Got the Whole World in His Hands,' Garnett took dozens of people onto his shoulders and carried them effortlessly down the street in his Adidas-brand shoes.

Puma/Jamaican Olympic Team
Client: Puma
Brand: Puma Shoes
Title: "5 spots"
Agency: Gyro Worldwide, Philadelphia
In that deadpan, smoked-up, Rastafarian kind of way, Puma's new ads celebrate the Jamaican Olympic team in a national campaign that started March 15. The full series consists of nine spots interconnected by a relay team runner who conveys the baton and a pair of magic shoes to a succession of fellow Jamaicans. This clip includes five of those new 15-second spots.

Bob Dylan's Victoria Secret
Client: Victoria's Secret
Brand: Victoria's Secret
Title: "Angels With Dylan"
Agency: In-house
If one needed proof that the Woodstock generation has thrown in the towel, grabbed the money and ran, it is this: Bob Dylan's Victoria's Secret ad. Looking more like a furtive bus station lecher than a music legend, he leers at a very young female cavorting through a deserted Venetian palace in panties, bra, costume wings and his cowboy hat.

Isenbeck Beer Ballet
Client: Isenbeck
Brand: Isenbeck Beer
Title: "Ballet"
Agency: Agulla & Baccetti, Buenos Aires
Demonstrating the intelligence and cunning of those who drink Insenbeck beer, a young bar rat confounds his friends with a sudden enthusiasm for practicing ballet. But then the friends peek into the dance studio to witness the potential of a room full of scantily clad female dance students given to extreme stretching exercises.

China Candy
Client: Xue Li Ci Soft Candy
Brand: Xue Li Ci Soft Candy
Title: "Office" and "Street"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, Guangzhou
Slapstick comedy of a ridiculous but hilarious sort, this spot from China effectively speaks its message about the joy of soft candy to viewers from all cultures.

Super Bowl Horse Fart
Client: Anheuser-Busch
Brand: Bud Light
Title: "Sleigh Ride"
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Although entitled 'Sleigh Ride,' this spot is more accurately called 'Horse Fart.' It won the 'TV Spots of the Week' award for the Super Bowl's most tasteless ad. It also became an issue in the 'decency in advertising' controversy that swirled out of the 2004 game.

FedEx's Alien
Client: FedEx
Brand: FedEx
Title: "Jenkins?"
Agency: BBDO Worldwide, New York
A refugee from Sigourney Weaver's intergalactic killing frenzies has assumed the name 'Jenkins' and taken a job with a nondescript U.S. company. Disguising his real identity with a paper cutout of a human face, the alien is still getting the hang of earthling language and can only say 'Why don't we use FedEx?' But that saves the day in a freight emergency and scores big points with the boss.

Christina Aguilera
Client: Virgin Mobile
Brand: Virgin Mobile
Title: "Office Chair"
Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/ Y&R London
Christina Aguilera wants no airplay of this Virgin Mobile ad in the U.S. Perhaps she finds it too embarrassing. This crude exercise in sexvertising features Ms. Aguilera going through the motions of having intercourse with an office chair. What more can be said? This is surely a front-runner for the year's Most Tacky Ad Award.

Summer Sex Sell
Client: Coca-Cola Co.
Brand: Diet Coke
Title: "Tingle"
Agency: Foote Cone & Belding, New York
Fresh from the set of 'Van Helsing,' swimsuited actress Kate Beckinsale sashays along a poolside lined with chaise lounges of ogling males. She holds a can of Diet Coke oh so close to her hip; its tab is popped to emit a spurt of bubbles. 'Tingle. It's a Diet Coke thing,' says the tagline.

Slithering Delicacy
Client: HSBC Financial
Brand: HSBC Financial
Title: "Eel"
Agency: Lowe, London
Making its point that businesses should "never underestimate the importance of local information," HSBC bank shows us a British executive in China who inadvertently signals to his hosts to keep bringing him more eel to eat, even though he loathes it.

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