10 Best 'New York Post' headlines

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1. TREESON: Is this (a) A Christmas tree or (b) A holiday tree?

2. CHIP TATOR: Saddam's snacks, Bids to be W.'s pal, Hates Froot Loops, Neat-freak habits

3. HOUSE BROKEN: Martha probed for leaving home to hit hot gala

4. LADY IS A TRUMP: 3rd wife's the charm

5. Butcher of Sagdad: Inside Saddam's prison cell

6. HI HO HI HO ... IT'S OFF TO COURT HE GOES: Brooklyn 'bigot' arrested for mocking midget family

7. FLEE-ANCEE: Fury as runaway bride fakes kidnap

8. HOLY SHIITE: Newsweek retracts its deadly toilet tale

9. GROW UP, GOTTI: Mob princess 'cancer tales'

10. SHEIK ON IT: Abbas & Ariel pledge peace deal

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