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CHAIN GANG: This '69 spot uses veteran character actors cast as a chain gang escaping on a freight train carrying new Pontiacs.

DATSUN SAVES: Nissan's Datsun was one of the early Japanese invaders into Detroit's turf with this '66 model touted as economical and capable of running for 100,000 miles. So economical, copy says, that it comes with heater, carpets and padded dash-but no radio. Also note the Packard-like slogan, "Just ask an owner."

DRIVING SCHOOL: Wells, Rich, Greene creative guru Charlie Moss did a hilarious demonstration of the resiliency of AMC's Rebel in this classic TV spot featuring a harried driving school instructor.

NOW THAT'S UNIQUE: Thunderbird is promoted as "unique among unique" in this page describing its Special Landau model with "special ember-glo" finish and "burled walnut vinyl" doors, among other accoutrements.

CANALS OF VENICE: Chevrolet floated its automobile lazily along Venetian canals in a memorable, if incredulous, 1963 commercial.

UNFAIR COMPARISON?: American Motors put its Javelin side-by-side with Ford Mustang to prove its apparent superiority in this spread. AMC also tweaks that it compared a '68 Javelin to a '67 Mustang because the latter wasn't yet available, even though "we really tried to get one."

REBORN: Lincoln reintroduced the Continental in 1955 and by the time this ad ran eight years later, Ford was pushing this four-door convertible with center-opening doors enabling women "to enter like a lady."

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