1996 Reader Predictions

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"I definitely would look to ATM [asynchronous transfer mode] for the future mode of digital transfer which will allow for greater bandwidth to make video online more feasible by the end of '96."
Kendra Cook
[email protected]

"The companies who scrambled to construct stand-alone Web sites in '95 will turn to content providers to advertise their products and services. As with every other medium, those marketing on the 'Net will slowly come to realize that content is THE `killer app.' "
Owen Valentine Pringle
[email protected]

"Companies will discover that they have to be on the Web, not because it's the cool thing to do and not because they can make money from their site, but simply because their customers and potential customers "expect" them to have a presence on the Web, just as one expects to find businesses listed in the Yellow Pages. Only now customers will be looking for solid information and won't tolerate as much fluff as the Web sites of 1995 had."
Brad Mager
[email protected]

"As more commercial Web sites vie for limited interactive ad dollars, a need for bundled advertising and access services will arise. While Pathfinder represents many Time Warner properties, other meta-sites will begin representing many of the smaller Web-zines. You would pay a flat fee for private access to a search engine, a stock tracker, newsfeed and file libraries. These sites will share user information and sell advertising across Web sites. Ironically, AOL, Prodigy and CompuServe already have the most experience with this sort of service."
James C. Kim
[email protected]

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