2005 BP Corporate-RPF zero tolerance policy

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MindShare is requiring all print partners alert us to ANY editorial or visuals that directly mention BP, a BP competitor or the oil/energy industry at all.

Required Compliance:

* It is imperative to notify MindShare prior to running any issues containing fuel/oil- or energy-related editorial or visuals.

-This includes any mention of BP, a BP competitor, or the oil/energy industry at all, regardless of whether editorial is deemed positive or negative.

* MindShare should be provided the option to pull any planned advertisements from this issue without penalty or move to another issue.

* If the ad cannot be pulled due to a cover change in the press, then MindShare MUST receive notification immediately of the situation in order to alert BP and to manage the situation proactively.

* Should MindShare NOT be notified prior to the issue's on-sale date, this will likely result in immediate schedule suspension.

* MindShare requires that we receive the first checking copy of every issue in which BP advertises prior to it being available on newsstands or delivered to subscribers' homes. This will likely require sending early copies via messenger.

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