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Cliff Freeman & Partners is back with a funny football fanatic to promote Fox Sports' "all-day Super Bowl pregame coverage." Three spots show what lengths sports fans will go to in order to "Get everything out of the way." In one, we see Dad and the kids at the zoo in the middle of the night, when, of course, it's closed. When Dad shines a flashlight on a squirrel nibbling on some garbage, he expertly pronounces it "an animal," and they head home. In another spot, an alarm goes off at midnight, and our protagonist shakes his wife awake, wakes the kids and gathers everyone in the kitchen to quickly sing "Happy Birthday" to Mommy. Thanks, hon.

CLIENT FOX Sports AGENCY Cliff Freeman & Partners, NYC CD Eric Silver AD Wayne Best CW Adam Chasnow PRODUCER Liz Graves DIRECTOR Jeff Gorman, Farmland Studios EDITOR Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler

No one called to ask how to boil water? From London's Mother comes a U.K. package-goods TV campaign that makes the Snackwell Lady look normal. The 15 spots take place in the Help Line room for Pasta N'Sauce, manned by a large talkative blonde woman and her silent and creepy sidekick, Clive. Since the product is so easy to prepare, they of course have nothing to do and must amuse themselves in other ways -- like making weird bird calls and pretending to be sex line workers. In "Embarrassed," the woman tries to put Clive at ease after she walks in on him while he's amusing himself in a personal way. She fails.

CLIENT Batchelor's Pasta N'Sauce AGENCY Mother, London PRODUCERS Stephen Orent, Hungry Man; Rosie Much & Matt Buels, Mother DIRECTOR Hank Perlman, Hungry Man

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