BEST 9/11 ADS, 2002

Winners of the Ad Age Best Awards

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Title: New York Miracle
Client: New York City
Brand: New York City Tourism
Agency: BBDO Worldwide, New York
Creative Team: Phil Dusenberry, Ted Sann, Michael Patti, Gerry Graf, David Johnson, John Leu
Producers: Regina Ebel, Alexandra Sterlin, Lisa Petroni, Hyatt Choate, Bob Emerson, Rani Vaz
Production Co.: Pytka, Venice, Calif.; Hungry Man, New York; Headquarters, New York
Directors: Joe Pytka, Bryan Buckley, Barry Levinson, Joe Public, Santiago Suarez
Editorial Cos.: Crew Cuts, New York; MacKenzie Cutler, New York
Editors: Clayton Hemmert, Sherri Margulies, Ian Mackenzie, Eric Pomert
This year, the Ad Age Best judges decided to award honors for advertising's response to the Sept. 11 attacks. The ads in this group came from brand advertisers and public service organizations. They ran the gamut from solemn statements to joyous reaffirmations of humanity in the wake of unspeakable horror. There were, of course, many ads that exploited the tragedy, such as the automakers that flew the red, white and blue and announced that they would contribute to the cause of freedom by offering no money down financing on new cars. The best advertising in this category was a campaign that addressed the tragedy, pulled on our patriotic heartstrings without exploiting it and transcended a potential maudlin situation with fantastic humor -- the "New York Miracle" campaign from Omnicom Group's BBDO Worldwide, New York. Devised to lure tourists to the city for the holidays in the wake of the terrorist attacks, the campaign featured New York luminaries living out their fantasies, which can only happen in the Big Apple. Woody Allen skates at Rockefeller Center, Barbara Walters sings a Broadway musical as pathetically as one can imagine and Robert DeNiro wears a Pilgrim costume while Billy Crystal sports a turkey outfit as they wait to join the Thanksgiving Day Macy's parade. Barry Levinson directed the turkey spot. Each of the six 30-second spots ends with then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani exhorting viewers: "The New York miracle. Be a part of it."


1. Title: "Pride"
Marketer: U.S. Postal Service
Brand: Postal Service
Agency: Grey Global Group's Grey Worldwide, New York
Creative Directors: Frank Krimmel, Jonathan Mandell
Art Directors: Frank Krimmel, Jonathan Mandell
Copywriters: Frank Krimmel, Jonathan Mandell
Executive Producer: Nancy Axthelm
Producer: Todd Scheifele
Production Cos.: Elma Garcia Films, San Francisco; Omaha Pictures, Santa Monica, Calif.
Directors: Elma Garcia, Peter Goldsmidt
Editorial Co.: Mad House, New York
Editor: Ben Whitten

Set to Carly Simon's "Let the River Run," this spot tries to lure customers back to the U.S. Post Office after the anthrax scares by portraying postal workers as heroes.

2. Title: "I am an American"
Marketer: Ad Council
Brand: National Morale
Agency: Omnicom Group's GSD&M, Austin, Texas
Creative Directors: Jeremy Postaer, David Crawford
Art Directors: David Crawford, Rob Story
Copywriters: Michael Buss, Russell Lambrecht, Jeremy Postaer, Roy Spence
Producers: Jeff Johnson, Dorothy Taylor
Production Cos.: Believe Media, Los Angeles; Center Line Productions, Raleigh, N.C.; Compulsive Pictures, New York; Kristin Loudis, San Francisco; Maysles Films, New York; Rock House Films, Dallas/Reno, Nev.
Directors: Hugh Keenan, Jimmy Williams, Charlie Carlson, Susan Froemke, Norman Bonney, Rocky Powell, Jackson Sanders
Editorial Co.: Matchframe, Austin
Editor: Tom Acito

"I am an American" is repeated by a moving array of people of different nationalities in this spot promoting national unity from the Ad Council.

3. Title: "Stackpole"
Marketer: Twin Towers Fund
Brand: Twin Towers Fund
Agency: Toolbox Advertising, New York
Creative Director: Peter Rabot
Art Director: Christina Chaya
Copywriter: Peter Rabot
Producer: Robin Campbell
Production Co.: Steam Films, New York
Director: Merle Worth
Editorial Co.: Refinery, New York
Editor: Alan Eisenberg

Footage from 1998 of Timothy Stackpole, a captain in the New York Fire Department, highlights one of the 429 rescue workers who died trying to rescue people from the World Trade Center Towers.

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