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The new Porsche campaign from Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein has some heavy attitudes to change, says Jeff Goodby, who ought to know. He's one of the people the ads are aimed at.

The campaign, a handful of print ads and four TV spots, introduces two new 911 Carrera models in a way that shows off the carmaker's more human side. For Goodby and Silverstein, who were co-CDs on the campaign in addition to teaming as writer and art director on the TV (a rare occurrence, they say), there was another goal-to change some of the attitudes about Porsche that, if anything, have kept people away from the brand. Rather than adopt an arrogant in-your-face approach, Goodby says they're hoping the new work will "dampen some of the resonances" that tied the image to a materialistic, status-seeking, gold-chain crowd.

Somewhat lighthearted in nature, most of the spots feature people who actually build the cars; in one we meet Reinhold Bertleff, who test drives Porsches on the autobahn. "If Reinhold likes your car," says the VO (supplied by actor Patrick Stewart), "we're pretty sure you'll like your car." Jeff Zwart of Sandbank, Kamen & Partners directed. The print, which was written by Bob Kerstetter and art directed by Erich Joiner, uses stream of consciousness copy along with shots of the cars in focus, while everything around them is blurred,

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