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Ecstasy and Unprotected Sex
Marketer: Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Brand: Anti-drug Campaign
Title: "Poison Pill"
Agency: Marcel Lundberg/Cameron Noble

'I had unprotected sex with that guy,' remembers a sad young blonde who was also soaring on ecstasy at the time. The latest spot from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America uses two sad but winsome women and a creepy biological light show bursting with disease organisms.

head to head
See the Musicians
Client: Huber Brewing, Chicago
Brand: Berghoff Beer
Title: "Slide" and "Stomp"
Production Co.: Gunter Advertising, Chicago
These two commercials for a beer you probably never heard of are real foot-tapping performances. Delta blues guitarist Eric Sardinas plays his fretboard with a beer bottle. Chicago blues harmonica great Billy Branch literally gets the stage floorboards jumping.

Meet the Producer
Client: Huber Brewing, Chicago
Brand: Berghoff Beer
Title: "Behind the Scenes"
Agency: Gunter Advertising

Producer Paul Andersen explains what it was like to work with two rare good musicians in a project designed to infuse a Chicago beer brand with a sense of the city's world-famous blues legacy.

Why God Gave Us Teeth
Marketer: Sarah Lee Foods
Brand: Jimmy Dean Sausage
Title: "Real Breakfast"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

Filmed at a Florence, Ala., sausage-packing plant, this spot includes what could be the drollest, most deadpan product endorsement you've ever seen. Which is why you remember it so well.

Bleak House Milk
Marketer: Calif. Milk Processor Board
Brand: Milk
Title: "Russian Family"
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Bleak as a scene from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, this ad takes place in a stark Russian tenement kitchen. Grim family members hunch over a bland meal when, magically, the Pillsbury Doughboy appears with a tray of chocolate chip cookies. Hands grab wildly. Jaws eagerly pulverize dry cookies. But then the mother displays an empty milk carton.

Pores and Pimples
Marketer: Kao Brands Co.
Brand: Biore Skin Care Line
Title: "20,000 Pores"
Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners

Aimed at the paranoid zit anxieties of teenage girls, this commercial for a skin-care line notes 'There are over 20,000 pores on your face' and that this fact means there are '20,000 occasions for something to pop up and ruin your day.'

Avon Lady Salma Hayek
Marketer: Avon
Brand: Avon Lipstick
Title: "Salma Hayek"
Agency: Poole, New York

Salma Hayek, the Mexican actress with a Lebanese name, plays a new role as Avon Lady here. Don't worry, though, she retains all the sultry charms that have made her such a hot crossover artist who does such gifted performances as a seductress. Only this time, she's looking to lure lipstick buyers rather than lovers.

Restaurant Downside
Marketer: Calif. Lottery
Brand: Lottery
Title: "Restaurant"
Agency: BBDO West

The California Lottery has released a new flock of TV spots playing on an 'Upside, Downside' concept. Staged in a pretentious French restaurant, this one stars a woman on a date who orders by pointing randomly at the unintelligible menu. The voice-over notes that the upside here was 'Trying Something New.' The downside was 'Having to eat it.' The bottom line, of course, is that she should have played the lottery, where the upside is millions and the downside is only a buck.

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