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It may not be the Bo Show, but an elegantly designed Nike spot honoring Michael Jordan is still a sensory extravaganza. The subtle yet arresting :30 consists of outtakes from previous Joe Pytka-directed spots and NBA game footage, overlaid with fuzzily textured graphics and type, all cut to a bluesy rap penned by Wieden & Kennedy writer Bob Moore.

Described as "jazz rap" by Moore, who teamed with AD Warren Eakins, the track- performed by a Brooklyn rapper known as Tasheem and produced by all-star pop producer Nile Rogers- describes Jordan as "23 feet of vertical leap, he's an ultrasonic dunkadelic atmospheric freak." "We didn't want anything that was hardcore or gangsta, but rather lyrical and above it all, like Jordan," says Eakins.

The commercial, currently airing in the U.S., Europe and Japan, was created entirely in post by director/designer Graham Wood of Tomato, a London entertainment company. Wood color-saturated the footage a deep blue and distorted the Macintosh-created type on a copier.

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