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Type of Test: Technical and market trial of interactive broadband network in Wake Forest, N.C., reaching up to 1,000 homes.

Duration: Two years.

Launch: Technical trial to begin second quarter 1995; market trial would start approximately one year later.

Services: Sega Channel; other services under consideration are home shopping, online access, movies on demand and information services for health and/or education.

U S West

Type of test: Technical and market trial of analog and digital video in Omaha.

Duration: 12 months.

Launch: Technical trial began in October. "Friendly user" trial in 50 employees' homes starts in late March or April. Market test expected to expand to 45,000 to 50,000 homes in the second half of 1995, pending FCC tariff approvals and the results of the "friendly user" test.

Services: Includes video on demand, U S Avenue shopping service, GOtv entertainment channel.

Cablevision Systems

Type of test: Limited commercial deployment of video on demand to 20,000 customers in Long Island, N.Y.

Duration: Open-ended.

Launch: Summer 1995.

Services: Near video on demand, followed by true video on demand by October. Shopping, sports and videogames are under consideration for 1996.

Cox Cable

Type of test: Technical and market trial of interactive services in Omaha.

Duration: 18 months to two years.

Launch: Technical trial began last July; market trial will start later this year, with initial target of 200 homes. Plans call for as many as 2,000 users by the end of the test.

Services: Near video on demand and video on demand, games, shopping, education and music.

Tele-Communications Inc.

Type of Test: Technical and market trial with Microsoft Corp. in Seattle.

Duration: Open-ended.

Launch: Now connecting employees for technical trial lasting most of 1995; market trial follows in 2,000 homes.

Services: Movies on demand; music, sports and shopping; and banking transaction services.

Time Warner's Full Service Network

Type of test: Technical and market test in Orlando, reaching 50 homes with plans to expand to 4,000 by yearend.

Duration: 12 to 18 months.

Launch: December 1994.

Services: Movies on demand, shopping (Spiegel, Sharper Image, The Nature Co., Warner Bros. Studio Store, Williams-Sonoma, the U.S. Postal Service and Chrysler are the participating retailers) and interactive games. Future services include news on demand, sports on demand, a music mall, grocery shopping and education and health services.


Type of test: Market trial reaching up to 1,000 customers in Castro Valley, Calif.

Duration: 18 months.

Launch: Postponed pending sale of Viacom's cable systems.

Services: Original plans called for video on demand, home shopping and games.

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