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http://www.nashville.net/;lamar/This site does everything to put you at ease but hand you a steaming mug of cocoa. Alexander's trademark black-and-red flannel check welcomes you to the homiest home page around. By the time you get to the photo of the Mrs. climbing a mountain, you've forgotten all about Bosnia. The usual issues statements are available, but this site is all about ambiance.


http://www.buchanan.org If you didn't know from traditional media that Buchanan was a pulpit pounder, you'd figure it out from his Web site. The breathless text practically erupts off the screen, and while there are only a couple of flashing headlines, everything has that red-alert quality to it. This site is packed with more info than most candidate home pages, even boasting its own search engine.


http://www.forbes96.com/ You'd never guess from this site that the candidate sits at the apex of a publishing empire. Low-tech, dull, with all the warmth of a Xerox copy, this site is spinnable in under three minutes. Updates lag, but then again, his stand on the flat tax never changes either. The polls suggest he's doing something right, but it isn't this.


http://www.dole96.com/ Download Bob Dole wallpaper and screen savers, make a poster, build a film library of the candidate, and, oh yeah, learn the candidate's stand on the issues. Widely considered the flashiest home page, it makes the most impressive use of technology, with scads of multimedia clips of the candidate. And a big thank you to whoever decided to minimize the graphics that plague other sites. Coming soon: The campaign hopes to be the first to carry a live press conference on the Web.


http://www.gramm96.org/ Chock full of information and issues, low on fun. But the page has caught onto the fund-raising and volunteer-rousing potential of the Internet: Links back to "How to Get Involved" and "How to Contribute" abound. Also notable: Links to unofficial Gramm Web sites and the best Dole-bashing on the Web. Watch for virtual technology soon so voters can tour the White House.


http://www.iquest.net/lugar/ This site has the slowest graphics of all the candidates' Web pages. But, Lugar wins the prize for summoning the most relatives-15-for the family photo. Interesting elements include a chat group feature called Voice of the Voters and a listing of national media, so users can write a letter to the editor/broadcaster of their choice, from Rush Limbaugh to The New York Times.


http://www.whitehouse.gov This is the White House home page; a campaign site is coming soon, Clinton operatives say. But if the president doesn't hurry, Al Gore will lose his role as poster boy for the Internet.

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