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DSW's Shoe Safari
Marketer: DSW
Brand: DSW Shoes
Title: "Hunter" and "Springtime"
Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

It's rare to see shoe commercials that deserve kudos for wry humor and cunning understanding of the female shoe-buying psyche. Part marketing and part anthropology, the narrative approach and music of this campaign is that of a Discovery Channel wildlife special.

Levis Mad Dog
Marketer: Levi Strauss & Co.
Brand: Levi's 501 Jeans
Title: "Dog Anxiety"
Agency: McCann Erickson

Like many in our society, this dog can no longer take a world whose Newspeak Orwellian overlords turn out to be marketing husksters rather than government wonks. But, Chelsea Pictures director Evan Bernard assures us, there is a simple and comforting angst-reducing icon we can seize hold of to retain our sanity: Levi's 501 jeans.

Rally Cap
Marketer: Fox Sports
Brand: Fox Baseball
Title: "Rally Cap"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, San Francisco

Showcasing a city full of rally cap styles is this new spot about diehard Seattle Mariner fans so determined to help their team that one will even crush a construction site hard hat to make it fit upside down.

Doughboy Ice Cream
Marketer: Kemps
Brand: Kemps Pillsbury Classics
Title: "Doughboy"
Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis

If you're one of those whose guilty pleasure is gobbling raw Pillsbury cookie dough right out of the package, you'll love this. Minneapolis-based Kemps has expanded its ice cream line to include more cookie dough flavors.

A Tiger in Town
Marketer: General Motors Corp.
Brand: Buick
Title: "Quiet for Tiger"
Agency: McCann Erickson and Jay Advertising

In their continuing effort to convert the Buick brand from a stodgy old man's vehicle to something more likely to sell, General Motors has again turned to Tiger Woods, as well as high-tech special effects from RhinoFX of New York. Tiger and the car are sitting still in a studio. Everything else you see is a special effect.

GE's Ecology Spin
Marketer: General Electric co.
Brand: GE
Title: "Singin' in the Rain"
Agency: BBDO, New York

In its latest corporate branding campaign, heavy industrial giant GE seeks to put an environmentally friendly spin on its image. The spot, which combines the essence of a Walt Disney animated animal story with Gene Kelly's 1952 movie classic 'Singing in the Rain,' is hopelessly cute.

Mexico in New York
Marketer: La Costena
Brand: La Costena Chiles
Title: "Angel"
Agency: Ole, New York

Mexico City soccer fans celebrate victories by gathering around 'The Angel,' a monument there. In this spot, a group of expatriate Mexicans living in New York are watching their soccer team triumph. The taste of the La Costena chiles they're eating reminds them so much of home that they run outside to go to the Angel -- only to have a Manhattan snow storm slap them out of their reverie.

Small-Headed Woman
Marketer: Virgin Mobile
Brand: Virgin Mobile
Title: "Office"
Agency: La Comunidad

Glorying in the bizarre is this new Spanish-language spot featuring a deformed woman with a very tiny head on a very large body. But her office colleague assures her she is normal because she shares all the problems of other typical cell phone users. The kicker proclaims 'Don't be Normal' and hypes Virgin Mobile's abnormally great service.

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