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Andrew Morrison created African American Value Pack in 1992, direct-mailing national coupons to black households. Sued by coupon mailing giant Val-Pak, he renamed the enterprise Nia Direct and attracted major advertisers including Kraft Foods, Northwest Airlines and Beneficial Financial Services. Nia mails coupon kits twice a year to 3 million households in the top 30 markets.

Age: 31.

Title: president, Nia Direct, New York.

Insight: Black consumers receive far fewer mailings than the mainstream, and their response rates are much higher. Blacks react favorably to mailings specifically tailored to their tastes, interests and lifestyles.

Tip: Capitalize on market realities. Many blacks feel they're under surveillance in department stores and malls, but catalog marketers don't target them.

Hot products for targeting blacks: Jewelry, fashion accessories, music, books, educational materials and software emphasizing African-American culture and lifestyle. Carmakers are missing huge opportunities.

Challenge: Keeping up with my high-powered wife.

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