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Dawn Wells, 25, masterminds the integrated sponsorships at Fast Company's "Real Time" conferences, striving to find natural roles for sponsors' products within the events. Sponsors at the recent conference in Naples, Fla. included Apple Computer, Philips Electronics, Steelcase and United Parcel Service, each supplying equipment and services to attendees.

Title: director of live events, Fast Company, Boston.

Insight: Location matters. Many events lock people into a hermetically sealed ballroom for several days, when they crave a chance to escape, to experience local flavors, to be outdoors. Create flexible schedules and venues.

Opinion: Sponsors should enrich events with useful, interesting, newsworthy touches instead of clutter. Be selective and creative in working with sponsors to get the best they have to offer.

Trade secret: Eliminate traditional sponsor banners and booths. Set up an atmosphere encouraging people to explore and test sponsors' products on their own.

Examples: Sprint set up a fountain at our last event. Philips' Nino division let people play with hand-held computers. Apple allowed everyone to create their own

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