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Mark Sirangelo founded PGI in 1990 as an integrated event marketing and business communications company. It's now producing the Ladies of Note concert tour of Roberta Flack and Judy Collins, sponsored by Buick and Conde Nast Publications.

Age: 36.

Title: Chairman-CEO, PGI, Arlington, Va.

Hot: Sponsored entertainment; events within corporate settings. Create the environment to communicate your message. Make entertainment intimate, real.

Insight: Marketers seeking more efficiency are looking for more targeted events, with "pre-qualified" customers and prospects. Think leads, not numbers.

Trend: Outsourcing. We bring more diverse experience to corporations, whose needs change every year. It's tough to fully staff event marketing in-house.

Forecast: The explosion of new communications channels, from the Internet to satellite broadcasts, will continue to create more dilemmas for marketers. The solution: simplify your message and media.

Opinion: The true value of end-to-end marketing integration hasn't really

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