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Karen Baker, 43, joined DDB Worldwide, Chicago, in April as director of sponsorship/event marketing. Ms. Baker previously served as a consultant and, before that, for several years as president of Integrated Marketing International, a company she founded.

Goal: Creating alternative marketing and sponsorship channels for agency clients; attracting new clients through sponsorships.

Coup: Generating sponsor heat by helping oversee the agency's acquisition of several event properties including Forsythe Racing, International Pro-Am Golf Tours, America True [a coed America's Cup sailing team] and the Joffrey Ballet for Chicago.

Insight: Global marketing is driving the need for more high-power international events.

Prediction: There will be interesting sponsorship turmoil in the 2000 Olympics, as long-distance telecommunications sponsor AT&T is challenged by local telecom sponsor U S West, which will in effect become a long-distance player if its merger with Qwest succeeds.

Watch for: Event "immersion" through the Internet. Online capabilities are transforming concerts, performances and sports with breakthroughs in

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