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Alan Maites' agency started in promotions, then expanded to direct, interactive and advertising capabilities. The 45-person shop's clients include cable's Fox Sports Net, GTE Communications Corp. and Citicorp.

Age: 39.

Title: president, Robinson & Maites, Chicago.

Insight: Promotion is finally getting the respect it deserves, but top executives at client companies are still too focused on short-term results.

Observation: In an age of media fragmentation, people are still treating network TV like it's a terrific buy. Alternative, one-to-one marketing is far more cost-effective in most cases.

Fact: Big organizations are still bad at integrated marketing. Package-goods companies are often paralyzed by internal walls, and too many big agencies are pushing marketing solutions where they have a vested interest.

Watch for: The rise of age-restricted marketing venues. You'll see creative new approaches for mobile, flexible marketing to smokers and drinkers.

Peeve: High turnover of account executives and a lack of follow-through on promotions at package-goods companies.

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