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And Other TV Spots of the Week

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Spec Suicide Ad
Marketer: An Unauthorized Production
Brand: Toyota Prius
Title: "Attempt/Rope"
Source: Theodore Melfi, Area 51 Films

This spot is not really a Toyota Prius commercial but rather a spec ad from Santa Monica's Area 51 Films and director Theodore Melfi. New York PR firm Juice is distributing the ad to the trade press as an example of Mr. Melfi's work.

A Really Big Ad
Marketer: Fosters Group
Brand: Carlton Draught
Title: "The Big Ad"
Agency: George Patterson Partners, Melbourne, Australia

'Advertising Age' critic Bob Garfield pronounced this beer advertisement a masterpiece and gave it his highest rating: 4 stars. We agree. Involving armies of participants and a soaring Carmina Burana music track, it is as wonderfully silly as it is stirringly heroic.

A Streetcar Named Dockers
Marketer: Levi Strauss & Co.
Brand: Dockers
Title: "Trolley"
Agency: Foot Cone & Belding, San Francisco

Here's a love story that is as much a commercial for San Francisco tourism as it is for Dockers fashion.

Cave Man Connection
Marketer: Cincinnati Bell
Brand: Cincinnati Bell
Title: "The Museum"
Agency: GJP Advertising, Toronto

Is your dial-up connection making you feel like a technological Neanderthal? Nothing subtle about this one, which makes its point as effectively as a knobbed club to the forehead.

Buck Calder Experience
Marketer: CHUM Television, Canada
Brand: Buck Calder Experience
Title: "Trailer 1"
Agency: Mitchell Gabourie

Produced for Canada's CHUM Television, this is a trailer for 'The Buck Calder Experience,' a new comedy series chronicling the travails of an American film director forced to work in Canada. The trailer was created by director Mitchell Gabourie and Aubrey Singer, a former writer at Chiat Day in Toronto.

Honey and Hellfire
Marketer: White Castle
Brand: Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
Title: "Honey Fire"
Agency: JWT, Detroit

Taking another approach to blending hit songs into product hype is this White Castle spot that combines Arthur Brown's 1968 psychedelic anthem, 'Fire,' with the Archies' 1969 bubblegum tune 'Sugar Sugar' to musically speak the qualities of the chain's new Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich.

iPod Nano
Marketer: Apple
Brand: iPod Nano
Title: "Hands/Resource"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles

There are no spoken words in this ad -- but why should there be? The story of the iPod Nano is totally about size; once you see it, you've got the message. Impossibly small, 1,000 songs.

Flower Power Car
Marketer: Honda
Brand: Civic Hybrid
Title: "Gas Cap"
Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates, Santa Monica

Symbolically a kind of back-to-the-future celebration of flower power imagery and current post-hurricane need, this spot hypes the suddenly ultra-hot, 50-miles-per-gallon hybrid vehicle .

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