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By now you're probably well-acquainted with the ultra-natty print persona of Mr. Jenkins, the star of Deutsch Inc.'s new Tanqueray gin campaign for Schieffelin & Somerset. The real name behind the Jenkins face is a mystery, but his role couldn't be clearer-or more challenging. "He's a bridge between the Tanqueray traditionalist and the younger drinker," explains CD Greg DiNoto, who worked with AD Kathy Delaney, writer Dallas Itzen and illustrator Richard Osaka. Like so many hallowed booze brands, Tanq handles like a tank on the Gen-X fast track, but while making a "more pointed appeal" to the slack set it can't "disenfranchise" the old guard, says DiNoto.

So Mr. J plays high-stakes pool, insults cocktail pianists and offers invaluable sex tips to young women. He's almost as cool as Cary Grant

on acid. But what's he really like? According to DiNoto, "He's not necessarily British; he has that dignity and reserve, but also a decidedly American sense of humor and accessibility. And he's a ladies' man, but very discreet-a gentleman. We can't make an overt appeal to a younger audience without acknowledging our roots," DiNoto continues. "The good news is the Tanqueray loyalist is exactly that; he's not easily shaken from the product."

Or stirred.

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