Do you know your ABCs?

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In her exhibit "Branded," artist Heidi Cody covers the average U.S. supermarket from A to Z. The result? An alphabet made up of the first letter of 26 widely known brands.

Ms. Cody says she created the exhibit to show Americans the extensive consumer culture they live in.

"I moved to the States from France when I was 8, and American consumer culture was a real shocker for me," she says. "I try to get viewers to consciously acknowledge how indoctrinated, or `branded,' they are by just being average American consumers."

Ms. Cody, who describes herself as a cultural anthropologist, says she had wanted to do her "American Alphabet" for a long time, but it didn't come together until the introduction of a detergent that represented the letter X.

"It was important to have the whole alphabet because it underscores the idea of glut in the average American supermarket," she says. "It is truly incredible that you can buy literally anything from A to Z here."

While some letters are more familiar than others, any marketer worth his salt should be able to identify most of the brands represented. For those who can't, the key is offered at right.

The exhibit, displayed as Lamda Duratrans prints in 28-by-28-by-5-inch aluminum light boxes, runs through June 20 at Roebling Hall Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y. [(718) 599-5352].

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