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The most static agency department is the media department.

Of 330 agencies responding to the AM&G study used for this section, 63% say the level of employment in their media departments didn't change in 1995 vs. 1994, 7% say it decreased, while 30% announced an increase.

By comparison, 41% of agencies are experiencing no change in the creative department, 11% a decrease and 48% an increase.

New staffers are most likely to land in account management, where 50% of agencies say the rolls are up. Only 38% indicate no change and 12% a decrease.

The study suggests the most "staff-efficient" agencies are in the South and East, where the ratio of client services to administrative personnel is an average 2:1, slightly better than the Midwest's 1.86:1.

Agencies, too, are squeezing more out of the bottom line-measured by the flatness in agency employment juxtaposed with an upbeat growth in gross income.

More than 40% of agencies say gross income in '95 will be up more than 10%; another 21% peg growth at 5% to 9.9%. Growth in '94 was up at least 10% at 35% of these agencies.

Strongest gross income gains come from the East where 46% of agencies see growth of 10% or better.

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