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Sunkist Scurvy Boy a puzzle


WHAT'S THERE: Sunkist has decided that the key to marketing orange products is to aim them right at Gen-X. We like things that are hip and gnarly, right?

So what are we supposed to make of the Sunkist mascot, Scurvy Boy? Are we supposed to identify with this 90210-loving, Chelsea Clinton-coveting, alternateen who lacks ambition even more than he lacks Vitamin C?

Or are we supposed to feel pity for this guy and rush over to the Whack the Scurvites game and save all the oranges we can for our beleaguered friend?

Sunkist also created an interactive area where site visitors can "Spew" about various topics. People who vent on weighty topics (like lift ticket prices) can win free stuff, like a snowboard.

We're tempted to take offense at a site that assumes teens and twenty-somethings are so trivial. On the other hand, there is a chance that visitors might be repelled by Scurvy Boy and his "don't even bother" attitude. Not only might they run to the nearest store for a quick dose of Sunkist, but they could actually begin contributing to society, thus deeming the site a success.

WHO CREATED IT: Brooklyn Bay, Santa Monica, Calif.

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