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Smirnoff's pure thrills


WHAT'S THERE: Smirnoff has built a hotel/casino/nightclub on the Web. This site has serious depth, and seems more like an interactive CD than a Web site at points. The design and artwork (lots of 3-D renderings) are superb. The staff is helpful-the bartender dispenses all sorts of advice on how to drink your Smirnoff, and the concierge offers useful travel tips. Overall, there is a lot to sift through, so check it out when you have some time.

WHO CREATED IT: Interactive8, New York ( with Lowe and Partners/SMS, New York

Domino's delivers


WHAT'S THERE: Domino's Pizza is on the Web. So, you might ask, does their web site deliver? Does it do it in 30 minutes or less? Sure. The front page is a rotating collection (each time you reload, you get a new one) of little Domino's factoids such as in Taiwan you can get the "seafood combo" pizza. The graphics are a little goofy, but it's a fun read. After you find your closest store, spend thirty minutes reading about how much fat that bacon added to your pizza.

WHO CREATED IT: Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, Mich. (

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