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Site for a sweet tooth


WHAT'S THERE: Every company faces a critical decision when creating a Web site: What do you say there? Baskin-Robbins decided to concentrate on its birthday cakes. The site features birthday party theme ideas, birthday fun facts and the ability to e-mail "Cake" to your friends, Of course, Baskin-Robbins has product information and a list of stores, but overall the site has a nice, um, flavor to it.

WHO CREATED IT: Highway One, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Just plain hog heaven


WHAT'S THERE: Here's how to tackle this site. First: Don't mistake this for the local dealer at harley(no hyphen) Second: Use this site to pick your bike, your accessories and plan your trip. Third: Unless you've got a laptop, get away from your computer and get on the real highway. The last step is the one Harley-Davidson is most forceful about, perhaps making this the most valid site on the Web.

WHO CREATED IT: Organic Online, San Francisco (, with VSA Partners, Chicago (

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