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An installment from Gatorade's "Jimmy" series, with its prime-time launch during the "Friends" series finale, earned the top spot. Other memorable ads were a brand campaign from KFC and a spot supporting Ore-Ida's new frozen french fries. See the top spot at QwikFIND aap60j


Rank/Brand Ad Description Index

1 Gatorade Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Lisa Leslie play basketball with Jimmy 218

2 Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fries-vs. other fry, dipped in ketchup, stand and deliver 198

3 Apple iPod + iTunes-man walks down street, posters start to dance 194

4 Listerine PocketPaks-man on airplane falls asleep on woman's shoulder 192

5 KFC Americans wear T-shirts with catchy chicken slogans 189

6 Tylenol PM-woman couldn't sleep so she would eat or watch TV 180

7 Glad Press 'n Seal-boy throws fries at other boy, wrap makes barrier 177

8 Bounty Towels-only one can be market leader, two stacks drenched with red liquid 162

9 AFLAC Duck with synchronized swimmers in red suits 160

10 Coppertone Kids-woman applies sunscreen to girl, woman had skin cancer 158

Source: Intermedia Advertising Group ( Only new campaigns considered, airing weeks of April 26 - May 9. The Recall Score is the percentage of TV viewers who can recall within 24 hours the brand of an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing TV. These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all ads during the time period (Recall Index). 100 equals average.

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