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NEW YORK-Advertising Age has assigned its marketing communications account to Anderson & Lembke, a Manhattan-based agency with offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

The assignment includes the creation of an integrated marketing strategy and communications program for the weekly, published by Crain Communications Inc., Chicago, plus satellite publications and information outlets: the monthly Advertising Age International, Creativity and Business Marketing; Ad Age's on-line Prodigy edition; daily and weekly fax editions; daily radio newscast in Los Angeles; and a variety of multimedia instructional videotapes, booklets and professional seminars.

Publisher Ed Erhardt said: "We're delighted to be working with the formidable strategic positioning and creative talents of Anderson & Lembke. More than an agency, they are our marketing partners, and we'll be working closely with them to communicate, worldwide, our expanding role as the marketing community's leading source of information and ideas."

Hans Sydow, managing director at Anderson, said: "It's the ultimate thrill to become associated with a brand that has Ad Age's kind of history and bond with the people it's talking to. Personally, I'm excited. As a young copywriter starting out in Sweden, Ad Age was my window on the bigger world. There's a special attachment there."

Creative Director John Athorn said: "It's like someone just gave me a new Ferrari and told me they'd fix all my speeding tickets, to boot. All of us-at Ad Age and here-know what this brand means to people, and we're not going to let them, or the brand, down."

Billings haven't yet been determined.

Anderson & Lembke's client roster includes Agfa Gevaert, Sun Microsystems, Dow Chemical Co.'s plastics group, Inc. magazine, the Alliance for a New New York, 3Com Corp., LOT Polish Airlines and Ingersoll-Rand Co. Combined billings are more than $100 million.

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