The Ad Age Pop Thermometer: Summer 2012

Your Guide to the Latest Trends in Everything From Pet Decals to Politics

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It's time for our seasonal check on what's simmering in pop culture. The Ad Age Pop Thermometer, summer edition!

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HBO obsession
"Game of Thrones"
"True Blood"
Box-office record breaker
"The Hunger Games"
Swimwear sensation
String bikini
Overhyped startup
Drinks delicacy
Herb-infused cocktail
Flavored vodka
Loose-lipped Democrat
Bill Clinton
Joe Biden
British headline-hog
Will & Kate's wedding
Hotly-anticipated video game
"Diablo 3"
Branded viral video that won't die
"Kony 2012," Invisible Children
"Live Young," Evian
Government should get its hands off my:
Health care
#MittRomney PRoblems
Exotic horses
#BarackObama PRoblems
"Kill list"
Sluggish job growth
Female hip-hop hellraiser
Azealia Banks
Lil' Mama
Likely arbiter of the apocalypse
Climate change
Swine flu
Newspaper salvation
Billionaire buyouts
Pay walls
Hotshot NBA pitchman
Blake Griffin
LeBron James
Sweet treat
Nouveau froyo
Gourmet doughnuts
Brit boy bands
The Wanted
'Instagram for video' contender
High-stakes marketing shakeup
Sponsored Wi-Fi WTF
Facebook head-scratcher
Launching photo app
IPO debacle
iPhone 5 rumor-du-jour
Better camera
October release date
Clothing chain chasing China
American Eagle Outfitters
Fast-food frankenstein
Floppiest TV-turned-movie star
Taylor Kitsch
Steve Carell
Gold-medal Olympics campaign
"Go World," Visa
Doggie decal
Nail art
Lavish wardrobe
Tween scream king
Austin Mahone
Justin Bieber
Viral athlete
David Beckham
Isaiah Mustafa
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