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A 60-second spot for Frito-Lay's Rold Gold Pretzel Bits was voted the category winner among the Best radio commercials of 1994 (see dialog at right).

The spot, from DDB Needham Worldwide, Chicago, features a dialog between a store manager touting flavored Rold Gold Pretzel Bits and a mild-mannered customer. The manager's enthusiasm turns customer into a frenzied macho Viking-too macho, it turns out. The national spot buy helped introduce the line extension.

Creative credits go to Copywriter Bob Merlotti, Creative Director Craig Feigen and Production Manager Yvonne Jablonski. Second City alumnus Dave Pasquesi plays the roll of the customer; Sam McMurray is the store manager.

Other Best commercials in radio:

Massachusetts Department of Public Health: "Sackman" (Houston Effler Herstek Favat, Boston). Speaking in a raspy voice due to loss of her vocal chords, Janet Sackman, who says she once was a model in cigarette ads, declares she now wants to tell people why not to smoke.

Schneider Communications, Milwaukee: "Foreigner" (Craig Wiese & Co., Minneapolis). In this humorous spot for the long-distance service, a Schneider rep tries to communicate with a recent business executive emigre who has malaprop-itis.

U.S. Department of Transportation: "Headaches" (Advertising Council and Leo Burnett USA, Chicago). Crash dummies Vince and Larry go musical, doing an Ink Spots-like rendition of what can happen when you don't use seat belts.

Anheuser-Busch: "Because They Pay Us"(DDB Needham Worldwide, Chicago). Title of this humorous spot for Bud Dry beer is the payoff line as a female singer with a band explains musically, "Why we sing about Bud Dry."



Store manager: May I help you?

Customer: Just looking for a snack.

Store manager: Well, speaking as the store manager, you don't want anything wimpy.

Customer: I don't?

Store manager: You want a snack Vikings would eat!

Customer: I do?

Store manager: You want these!

Customer: New Rold Gold Pretzel Bits?

Store manager: They're a REAL snack, with flavor to tame the adventurous beast within!

Customer: That's for me!

Store manager: I can tell. You're the kind of guy who craves GUSTO in a snack.

Customer: The more gusto the better!

Store manager: And Rold Gold Pretzel Bits give you wild, take-no-prisoners taste!

Customer: To quench my lust for flavor!

Store manager: They also come in two burly varieties-to minimize fighting. Customer: Honey mustard! Ay, sounds hearty!

Store manager: And try the garlic & herb; they'll put horns on your helmet!

Customer: Let me at 'em! (Crunch, crunch). These are GREAT!

Store manager: gotta pay for those, you know.

Customer: Vikings don't pay, they pillage!

Store manager: Eeeeasy, Sven.

VO: Introducing Rold Gold brand Pretzel Bits, crunchy sourdough pretzels smothered in zesty honey mustard or garlic & herb, then.*.*.

Customer: .....smashed to bits with a wooden oar!

Store manager: Actually, they have machines for that now.

VO: New Rold Gold Pretzel Bits. What Vikings would choose if they were still alive and eating snacks.

Customer: We need schooners of grog! Where's the grog aisle?!

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