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Question: "Can GM be saved?"

Answer: Yes (54%) No (46%)

Bold ideas that could be part of the mix for the fix:

Back the car: "Seven-year bumper-to-bumper warranty with all required maintenance included on all brands and models. If the competition goes to 10 years, GM goes to 11." Barry Dennis, client advocate, Netweb/Omni, Timonium, Md.

Back to roots: "Classically styled American cars that, unlike their predecessors, get excellent mileage. The convergence of car styles across the major brands-Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-has caused a blur to the consumer. Let GM be GM with all-American cars for the 21st century." Frank Haritt, VP-sales & marketing, Digitallmedix, Denver

Specialize: "Buick should be sedans, Cadillac luxo boats, Chevy trucks and Pontiac sports/SUV." Charles Littleton, VP-business development, Landis Strategy & Innovation, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Outsource: "Outsource engineering and design of product to enthusiasts like the late DeLorean." Dave Buck, D.E. Buck Graphics, St. Louis

Slash ads: "Cut the hell out of advertising and focus on the things customers really care about : the cars, the buying experience and the after-purchase experience." Doug McIntyre, CEO, Cult Marketing, Columbus, Ohio

Vote: "Roll out new concepts at GM shows, have the public vote and then ramp up and crank out in two years or less." Mike Wiglesworth, senior VP, Mastermind Marketing, Atlanta

Old idea: "Market aging brands to demos that pay the bills. Don't try to get 25-year-olds to buy Buicks. People are aging in record numbers in the 50-plus range. Use that demo to sell Buicks. These people have discretionary dollars to spend." Van Kyrias, account manager, Clear Channel-Braves Radio, Atlanta

Old idea II: "[Create] an effective campaign to go after seniors who are living longer and have been alienated by GM marketing messages aimed at a much younger audience. With average life expectancy increasing, a 60-year old person may purchase/lease another three-plus vehicles. The 'only GM' message of safety and security will resonate greatly." Dave Nash, president-CEO, Leet, Rochester Hills, Mich.

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