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David Carlick


Title:Senior VP-general manager, Poppe Tyson Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Calif.

Bio:Born in Washington, D.C. B.S. in business, San Jose State University, 1977.

Work history:Tax auditor, Coopers & Lybrand, 1977-78; account executive/copywriter, Foote/Pacific, 1978; marketing director, Structured Systems Group, a software marketer, 1979; principal, Carlick Advertising and the DBM Group, 1981-93; agencies acquired by Poppe Tyson in 1993; current post, 1993-.

Call David Carlick a marketer's carpenter.

After spending five years in the woodworking business in southern California in the early 1970s, he moved to Silicon Valley in search of a better lifestyle. What he found were a lot of unemployed woodworkers.

"The reason I'm active in the Internet now is this is where they're still building a lot of houses," he said with a touch of wry humor.

Under his guidance, Poppe Tyson has gone from quietly existing in the Bozell fold to center stage as the agency group's chief interactive specialist. Mr. Carlick opened earlier this year to provide World Wide Web services to clients including Valvoline, Netscape Communications Corp. and Playboy.

The agency also is working on a Web page for President Clinton's re-election campaign, an interesting challenge for this tried-and-true Republican.

"The day I saw the Web," he said, "I knew that this is going to be the biggest fundamental change we've ever seen."

Recently, Mr. Carlick started offering the agency's services as not only a creator of Web sites but a seller of ad space. It's a controversial move, but he insists it will help the agency and its clients to better understand the Web.

Betcha didn't know:Think David Carlick spends his entire day online? Think again. "I think an hour a day is a lot. I have the basic attention span of a wombat on amphetamines."

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