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Mark D. Kvamme


Title:President-CEO, CKS Group, Cupertino, Calif.

Bio:Born in Syracuse, N.Y. B.A. in French, economics and literature, University of California-Berkeley, 1985.

Work history:Programmer and international product manager, Apple Computer, 1980-84; founder, International Solutions, a global distributor of hardware/software products, 1984-86; director of international marketing, Wyse Technology, 1986-89; current post, 1989-.

Mark Kvamme is truly a Silicon Valley product. The son and son-in-law of two of the five founders of National Semiconductor, Mr. Kvamme (pronounced kwam'-me) helped create an organization that is a hybrid advertising/design agency, high-tech production shop and infomercial factory, one Wired last year called "the hippest and most technologically savvy advertising agency."

"Peter Sealey [former president of Interactive Network] has called me the Marion Harper Jr. of the next wave of advertising," Mr. Kvamme said. "I still don't even know who that person is." (Mr. Harper, who died in 1987, was, among other things, creator of Interpublic Group of Cos., which allowed parallel agencies to service businesses to avoid conflicts.)

Nevertheless, Mr. Kvamme keeps his achievements in perspective.

"We started as a fully integrated market- ing agency, so when a new medium came along, we embraced it."

While CKS has kept pace with the state of the art, Mr. Kvamme has a concern about technology.

"The biggest problem with technology now is that it almost allows us to work as fast as we think. Your first thought is not necessarily your best thought."

Mr. Kvamme works in an office surrounded by devices including a Newton (the company helped Apple in the hapless launch), two working computers and a collection of PCs he's saving for a private technology museum.

Betcha didn't know:Mr. Kvamme made his first entrepreneurial bundle by forming a company that produced fake cellular telephones for yuppies.

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