Please Use Caution When Handling Ad Age's HOT Memorial Day Membership Sale

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When you think of Advertising Age, what do you think of? Warm, sunny weather? Weekends at the beach? Backyard barbeques? The unofficial start of summer? Summer Fridays? None of the above?

If you answered "None of the above," that's fine -- we understand -- but it's not gonna stop us from having a Memorial Day Membership Sale for no good reason except that, well, Memorial Day weekend is upon us.

Thanks to our semi-arbitrary sale, you'll save 28% on a yearlong Basic Membership (for readers with a U.S. mailing address) that includes:

• 24 print issues of Ad Age
• Full access to
• Full access to Creativity
• Digital access including Digital Editions
• Free Ad Age Research Reports and Fact Packs
• Members-only event invitations
• Custom newsletters
• $100 off Ad Age Datacenter access

What will all that cost you? Less than ... a bunch of bottles of sunscreen! (Sorry, our copywriter already left for the holiday weekend.)

More specifically: $79 -- which is a great deal (normally it's $109).

Click here; this is a limited-time offer.

Um, did you click yet? It's OK, we'll wait right here while you click.

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