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Illinois Power developed a $1.8 million, 21-week awareness campaign from CRE Marcom of Indianapolis as the monopoly braces for coming deregulation. "We want to position IP as a service-oriented utility that goes the extra mile for its customers year-round," said agency VP Mark Gause in a news release. The slogan: "We're here for you." Well, maybe not. Illinois Power pulled the campaign because of stresses severe heat put on the utility's ability to supply power.

WAKE-UP call

for Mitsubishi

The teaser ad in August car mags for Mitsubishi's Galant encourages Accord or Camry shoppers to hear the message at 1-877-WAKE-U-UP. But our gallant observer says an ad Mitsubishi & Deutsch originally sent to some mags had a number-1-800-WAKE-U-UP-that connects to the "Intimate Connections" sex line. The mistake was caught and fixed late in the game, with at least one of the magazines already on press, says our observer. Mitsubishi says it wasn't aware of a problem; Deutsch says there was no problem.

Jim Taylor's

serial thriller

Jim Taylor, the irrepressible trend prognosticator, and co-futurist Watts Wacker are working on a new book, tentatively titled "The Serial Future," following their '97 tome, "The 500 Year Delta." Taylor, whose day job is running sales/mktg. at Iomega, will analyze a world in which he says business people, media and pundits are so focused on the immediate future they gloss over the immediate past. Taylor says this constant near-term reassessment is bad news for ad agencies. "Agencies love fixed plans, they love really good fixed horizons, they love great forecasting, they don't like change," he says. "If agencies can't change at the speed that the immediate future for the client is changing, the client will change agencies. . . . It helps account for why the agency relationships are so inherently unstable." Taylor, btw, admits last year's book was off the mark in some predictions. Says Taylor: "We're going to recommend everybody throw the book away."

Leaving L.A. . . .

Hal . . . Bob

Being president of Ad Club L.A. is just the ticket (out of town). Prez Donna Palmer, who manages L.A. for The Atlantic Monthly, is headed to N.Y. to be the mag's nat'l adv. dir. The previous prez, Bonnie Baruch Barnes, moved to northern Calif. during her term and commuted for adclub meetings. "Maybe we've started a trend," Palmer says. . . . Hal Riney wrote and voices a First Union campaign breaking in mid-July to introduce the bank to customers of recently bought Penn. bank CoreStates. . . . Bob Dole, the Pat Paulsen of our time, hosted Purina's search for the Great American Dog at the Nat'l Press Club last Friday, and Bob is on the cover of Purina's '98 dog calendar. Could Bob do for Purina what Ed McMahon did for Alpo? No. The droll Dole has no plans to do dog food ads. . . . Goldberg Moser O'Neill/San Francisco was closed for Independence Day June 26. Huh? "We were celebrating GMO independence day," said Fred Goldberg. "The day we broke away from Chiat/Day eight years ago."

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Cheryl Gegenheimer, Jean Halliday and Ira Teinowitz.

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