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Welcome, Apple. Seriously.

So Mac is back at TBWA Chiat/Day, which brings up memories of the agency party Jay Chiat threw in 1986 at the Rose Cafe near Venice Beach as Apple was heading out the door for BBDO. Chiat rallied his demoralized troops with the immortal words: "F*** Apple."


Is Liz Dolan on an infamous Nike sabbatical, taking a multimonth vacation only never to return? Nike execs say she will return in September with a new title: VP-global marketing communications. But there's precedent for a permanent "leave": Scott Bedbury, now at Starbucks, stepped down as Nike ad director in 1994 when his extended sabbatical ended. Nike watchers now are asking about Dolan, Nike's longtime VP-marketing & corp. commun. Depending on who's asked, Dolan is either on R&R or preparing to pull a Bedbury. Dolan, committed to enjoying her sabbatical, didn't reply to e-mail.

Casting about

for Bates name

Adages asked you to help Bates boss Michael Bungey name the holding company that will emerge when Bates splits from Cordiant. The runners-up: Pacific Bell's T. Edward Agius offers "Bungey Jumpers"; Bill Power of O&M/

N.Y. suggests "Norman Bates Advertising"; James Spurlock of Houston's Bob Green Productions proposes "Bates & Switch." But only one can win the grand prize of a disgusting wormlike fish lure in Adages' Tackle Bates Naming Contest. That's Mike Myers, ad manager at Holt Power Systems in Columbus, Ohio, with "Cordiant Gone Fission."

Either way,

She will prevail

It's the case of She v. She. Cartoonist Marisa Acocella, whose "She" once ran in Mirabella and Elle, is working with Radical Media to produce the strip for TV. The problem for Acocella is Revlon's new She fragrance, which, like the strip, is all about the empowerment of women. Acocella says Revlon's scent infringes on her trademark. But Manhattan federal court-where Revlon out-revs Acocella 5-to-1 in legal manpower-so far doesn't agree and last week denied her request for an injunction to halt shipments of She scent to stores. A Revlon spokeswoman says, "We believe this suit is completely without merit and our position will prevail."

Home run . . .

Daewoo . . . Intel

How did DDB Needham show appreciation to its Chicago office for the out-of-the-park pitch on McDonald's? By delivering a bat signed by Babe Ruth, bought at a cost of, we hear, $15,000. . . . N.Y.'s Korey Kay, picked to launch Korean carmaker Daewoo in the Northeast, got into the review with a letter from boss Allen Kay proposing to put a Daewoo on a rocket into space. Alas, it doesn't look like there's money in Korey Kay's $10 million to $12 million regional budget for this PR gambit. . . . A gold "bunny suit" like those worn by workers in Intel's disco-dancing TV campaign will go into the Smithsonian's permanent collection. But Intel says this is unrelated to the chipmaker's sponsorship of Smithsonian's 150th anniversary traveling exhibition.

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Jeff Jensen, Chuck Ross, Pat Sloan and Michael Wilke.

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