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Reeve mines endorsement gold

Christopher Reeve is endorsing a line of hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatsuits with an equestrian-inspired logo of a horse in midjump underscored by the initials "CR." The line debuts this fall. Reeve has captured the public's attention since he fell off his horse and courageously dealt with paralysis. What else could he endorse? "We're talking with some people about neckwear," says Kerry Glasser, president of NY-based Concept Marketing Group.

Why Hayden won't return calls

Y&R/NY is still seeking a CD to replace Helayne Spivak about three years after she split. Cliff Freeman prez Arthur Bijur was approached and declined. Lowe's Lee Garfinkel is known to have received a call. His comment: "I've got a great agency here, and I'm really happy" at Lowe. Y&R's recruiter also contacted Ogilvy's Steve Hayden, but he says he's not interested. "I've been so busy producing IBM commercials," Hayden says, "I don't even return messages from my wife, let alone headhunters."

How to repackage your reruns

TV programmers have shuffled their schedules for the next few weeks thanks to TV Guide. Just in time for the summer doldrums, this week's issue pitches the "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time." NBC will air the mag's favored episode of "3rd Rock From the Sun" July 6, and Comedy Central will rerun the "Absolutely Fabulous" pilot. FX is running episodes of "Batman," "Picket Fences" and "Miami Vice." Two chosen episodes of "The Simpsons," now in syndication, will air on local stations July 2 and 3. Episodes were picked by a panel of TV Guide editors and programming execs from Nick at Night's TV Land, which will showcase some episodes next week.

Own one and you'll understand

BMW placed a 750iL for Michael Douglas to drive in Polygram's come-September flick "The Game" under a deal struck by Norm Marshall & Associates. Douglas so liked the car he went out and bought one. Quite an endorsement from a guy who reportedly was paid $6 million to do voice-overs earlier this decade for Infiniti.

Ford anniversary . . . Sidewalk

Marketing is so unpredictable, huh? Ford's F-Series pickup marks its 50th anniversary in 1998, and a Ford insider hints very strongly that some fall ads for the pickups likely will "play up the fact they've been around a long time." . . . Dell in August will expand into print its new TV brand campaign, which promotes its status as No. 2 (behind Compaq) in business desktop PCs. Will Dell need to revise the ads later this year? Dell's set a goal with its sales staff to take the No. 1 spot by October. . . . Microsoft's Sidewalk Web city guide, preparing its NY ad campaign, had its ads turned down by only one media outlet: rival New York Magazine, whose parent K-III has a policy against taking ads from direct competitors. "We were flattered," says Sidewalk General Manager Cella Irvine. Would she take an ad from NY? "Umm, let me think about that."

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Mercedes M. Cardona, Alice Z. Cuneo, Jean Halliday, Ann Marie Kerwin, Carol Krol, Laura Petrecca and Pat Sloan.

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