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It seems Bates can't find a name for the company that emerges after Cordiant demerges into separate Bates and Saatchi holdings. Cordiant players came up with five names, but all turned out to be taken. They better hurry: The prospectus comes out in September and the new company goes public Dec. 2. This being the agency biz, we know the naivete of our first idea: Bates. Way too simple. How about Discordiant? A better idea: announcing the Tackle Bates Naming Contest. Send Adages your best idea at the fax or e-mail listed below. Adages will send the winner a really disgusting wormlike fish lure, print the most engaging picks and send the whole batch to Bates captain Michael Bungey.

Life's a gas.

Pass it on

The new drink in oxygen bars? Life Technologies of Naples, Fla., is pitching a way for beverage marketers to up the oxygen content in water and other drinks. The pitch: Athletic performance supposedly can be hiked if oxygen is spiked. One study found a runner who drinks high-test water could run a 10K race 31 seconds faster. So far no takers, but can extra-oxygen Gatorade be far behind?

Giving away

ad space

McCann-Erickson has a new scheme to decorate its NY office: give away ad space on the walls. Exec VP-Media Dir. Mark Stewart is inviting media suppliers to put up ads on the two floors that house the McCann media dept. Media outlets can have a 7-by-8-foot spot of their choice to get their message across for at least one year; tasteful ads with no overt rate plugs, please. Stewart sees this as just the twist for an office setup with lots of hallways and little decor. "It could be a great experiment," he says. "It could look great, or it could look busier than Times Square."

Not Rosie

at Red Lobster

Rosie O'Donnell may be all over the place, but she won't be seen out at Red Lobster. The TV host was proposed as a spokeswoman for Red Lobster by Grey Advertising, which pushed a campaign featuring O'Donnell as "Captain Rosie" in the seafood chain's recent ad review. The campaign didn't float Red Lobster's boat when it went through focus groups earlier this month in Atlanta. Deutsch's concept is also said to have floundered in its run at the focus group. What was the winning tagline? "The world is a dry place, but Red Lobster is wet" helped put Euro RSCG Tatham, Chicago, over the top (see Page 31).

Acura vs. WWII

. . . DECisions

Suissa Miller sent magazines a three-page "placement guidelines" letter saying it doesn't want Acura ads to appear in issues with stories about "Japanese trade issues" and World War II. . . . DDB Needham is telling some mag reps it's getting Digital's PC biz, marking consolidation of the Digital account at the agency. But PC agency Y&R, not giving up, sent Digital a letter saying it's not pitching Apple because of its commitment to the client.

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Mercedes M. Cardona, Alice Z. Cuneo, Larry Edwards, Laura Petrecca, Judann Pollack and Michael Wilke.

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