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For a good time, Call Myra

Quiet. Demure. Wallflower. None of these apply to our best new friend, Myra, a brash New Yorker who has moved her headhunting biz to laid-back L.A. Really, you should give Myra a call at (310) 231-6486. Myra is trying to drum up interest for the Adclub of L.A.'s Beldings show in promo pieces from BBDO West, last year's best-of-show winner. Rumor has it Myra's a fake created by the agency. We don't believe that. Myra is just too good and unreal to be, well, unreal. We expect to meet her at the Beldings. We'll report back.

Fred Astaire

& Dirty Dancing

Fred Astaire will be dancing with the Devil in new ads for Royal Appliance by Cleveland's Meldrum & Fewsmith. Which has us wondering: If you tell a vacuum cleaner maker and its agency their ads suck, will they be proud? (Happy new year from Adages, which promises a full year of low-budget puns.) We do spot a trend, what with Fred sweeping the floor with a Dirt Devil and Jack Webb riffing with Denis Leary in a Lotus spot: Dead celebs are cleaning up in ads.

Membership has

its privileges

American Express Publishing's rank and file had a nice yearend surprise: $1,000 bonus checks. Money went to about 150 people. A small gesture, but a smart PR move for the owner of Travel & Leisure and Food & Wine to assure staff the outfit's making money. Now the underlings can afford some travel & leisure & food & wine.

Where the rubber

hits the road

Chrysler's new air bag slogan is "The back seat is where it's at." It will go on 36 million stickers being sent to daycare centers and schools in hopes teachers will convince kids to stay in the back seat away from explosive air bags. Nice idea. But we figure the high school crowd already knows the back seat is where it's at; maybe Chrysler will provide condoms.

Will auto pilot

steer in an acc't?

Marcus Kemp's return to Ammirati Puris Lintas as managing dir. of creative primes the shop to go after a major car account. Ammirati now has a couple small GM projects. In an earlier tour at the agency, Kemp coined "The ultimate tanning machine" for BMW's convertible.

Diba . . . Bob K.

. . . Phil G.

Diba, a Menlo Park, Calif., designer of Internet appliances, this quarter expects to look for an agency to do a branding campaign. .*.*. Kovel Kresser co-founder Bob Kresser has pulled back at the Santa Monica agency to focus on K2, an El Segundo documentary producer. First project: "Self-Made in California," films depicting the state's entrepreneurs. . . . Snyder Communications, a Bethesda, Md., marketing solutions outfit that went public in September, has added a board member who is not quiet, demure or a wallflower. The new board member is GM mktg. and adman Phil Guarascio. Chairman Dan Snyder calls Guarascio "one of the best marketeers of this age.".

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Alice Z. Cuneo, Jean Halliday, Keith J. Kelly, Carol Krol and Laura Petrecca.

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