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Alcoholic beverages


Miller Brewing Co.'s Miller Genuine Draft: "Refri, Temblor, Canon"

"Weiden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

Creative Directors: Jeff Kling and Joe Shands

Art Director: Javier Castillo

Copywriters: Rosario D. Garza and Rafael Serrano. Mr. Serrano is now with Bromley Communications, San Antonio.

Production company: Bob Industries

This soccer-themed campaign for Miller Genuine Draft continues the look of Portland, Ore.-based Weiden & Kennedy's MGD work for the general market but makes a very specific pitch to the Mexican-American audience. It has a very distinct flavor that connects with its target audience, down to the taglines "Futbol a todo barril" and "Oficialmente con la seleccion Mexicana" ("Full-barrel soccer" and "Officially with Mexico's team").

The spots show vignettes of a house full of soccer fans gathered to watch a key game as titles flash quotes from the words of the Mexican national anthem relevant to the action. One guest fumbles around the refrigerator to make room for the beer supply as the game begins, the entire group turns into a foot-stomping cheering section at a key moment and another guest makes an ill-timed beer run and misses a goal.Financial services


Bristol West Insurance Group: "Dogs, Kitchen, Dental"

Bates USA South, Miami, Fla.

Creative Director: Pablo Calonge

Art Director: Lucrecia Escalon

Copywriter: Mr. Calonge

This campaign uses an ad within an ad to make fun of insurance company promotions and plug Bristol's offer to freeze premiums for two years. Ads made out to look like newspaper clippings offer wild promotions for an unknown insurance company.

"Offer of the week: If you have dogs, we'll give you a discount on your auto insurance, 30% per dog -- because the owner of this company hates cats," says one. Another offers, "Play and win: If you cut out this ad and hang it in your kitchen, a representative will visit and give you a 40% discount on your auto insurance. If you invite him to dinner, you get another 5% off."

The judges appreciated how the newspaper ads hooked consumers with humor, then got to the point of the sale.

Public service


American Legacy Foundation: "Pedo"

Bromley Communications, San Antonio, Texas

Creative Director: Rafael Serrano

Art Director: Pedro Roura

Copywriters: Rafael Serrano and Cat Lopez

While the "Pedo" spot's edge got attention, the anti-drug radio campaign scored with its other components, including the other award winner, "Chupacabra."

The choice of a young-sounding voice talent and hip background music help connect with the audience even further. But the spots' concepts really score by aiming directly at the "smarter than you" attitude of its teen-age audience to get the point across.



Southwest Bell: "Telenovel-HPAL," "Callnotes" and "The Works"

HeadQuarters Advertising, San Francisco

Creative Director: Digna Roque

Art Director: Juan Ramirez

Copywriter: Sergio Arellano

Producer: Yvonee Resendez

Production company: Milagro Films

This TV campaign promotes various phone services, tongue firmly in cheek, with a parody of telenovelas, soap operas popular on Spanish-language TV. The judges appreciated how the humor snuck in the phone company's pitch.

The spots get the message across with a nudge and a wink as Southwest Bell services save the day for star-crossed lovers. In the various installments, love affairs are saved by voice mail, premium-service packages and low-cost phone service.

All three spots neatly duplicate all the telenovelas' production values -- including the over-the-top acting style, music and sets -- and even recycle actors and characters like the real thing.

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