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It probably makes economic sense, but California's request for federal disaster relief funds to advertise tourism didn't make much political sense.

President Clinton recently turned down the request for $15 million by a state victimized by natural and man-made disasters. Why give the political opposition a target like that? Millions for advertising while so many are jobless, homeless, poor, etc.?

If it was seedlings for the Napa Valley, or bricks and mortar for Los Angeles, the expenditure might make political sense, whether or not it made economic sense. Never mind that tourism is California's largest industry, and that advertising brings in more tourists; elected officials are not known for backing expenditures that could cost votes, whether or not the expenditure is economically sound.

Already under way are plans for the hotels, theme parks and other tourist destinations in the Golden State to ante up the bucks on their own to counter the state's declining tourism business. In fact, they envision a fund that would make California No. 1 in state tourism spending. Now if only the earth's crust will cooperate ...

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