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The Pure Food Campaign wanted to launch its TV spot decrying the use of rBGH in early August on an Austin, Texas, station.

But shortly before the 30-second spot was scheduled to run, the station pulled the ad.

The organization eventually plans to try running the spot in "dozens of other markets," but is awaiting the outcome of the legal action it plans against KXAN, said Ronnie Cummins, national director of the group formed in 1992 to organize an international boycott of genetically engineered food.

Bob Stettner, general sales manager at KXAN, said the station rejected a similar ad from the group in June. Through a mix-up, the most current ad, from Nordlinger & Associates, Washington, was scheduled to air in August.

"Station policy is to review every issue that comes in, and we determine if it's an issue we want on our air and whether we can give coverage to both sides of the issue," Mr. Stettner said. "In this case, we decided earlier not to run the ad."

Mr. Cummins said he wasn't discouraged by the action.

"We knew this might happen, but it usually works out to our advantage because ... you often end up getting more publicity than you would have from running the ad," he said. "We're going to examine what exactly our legal rights are ... and we're going to aggressively fight back on this issue-not only in Austin but wherever this happens."

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