This ad for Pizza World's spicy pizza won at the San Sebastian ad festival. Casadevall CANNES 1994: WILL LIONS ROAR AGAIN IN SPAIN? ADS MAY BE TOO LOCAL

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MADRID-Spain turned in one of the most impressive wins at Cannes in 1993, snagging 20 film Lions and tying with the U.K. for most film Lions won. That said, many Cannes-goers are wondering: Can Spain come up with a repeat performance this year?

Those outside the country aren't so sure. Alexandre Gama, VP-creative director, Almap/ BBDO, SÌo Paulo, predicts, "The economic crisis hit Spain hard in 1993 so they'll probably turn up in Cannes with fewer [winners]."

But if Spain doesn't do well it won't be for lack of submissions. Tandem/ DDB Needham, Madrid, for example, has entered several commercials, including a sequel to its Bronze Lion winner last year for General de Confiteria's Trex chewing gum. In last year's spot, a boy with Trex was the only one to wake up Sleeping Beauty; in this one a girl with Trex is the only one who can turn a frog into a prince.

Others submitted by Tandem include a commercial for Volkswagen's Golf substituting the car for a sheep in the insomniac's old counting trick; a spot for the IFEMA convention center in Madrid, showing Goya's painting of nude Maja Desnuda wearing a bikini and with furniture behind her while the voice-over talks about the fashion and furniture that can be found there; and a warm spot for Johnson Wax's Pronto showing Gepetto polishing Pinocchio with the voice-over, "Imagine how much I trust Pronto if I use it on my son."

Another agency submitting many spots and named by several creative directors as having a leg up is Casadevall Pedreno & PRG, also named by Advertising Age as its International Agency of the Year for 1993. Luis Casadevall, president and creative director, said the shop is sending 40 commercials, double the number of entries last year when the agency won the most Lions in the commercial category for Spain.

Among those submitted by Casadevall is a spot for frozen foods marketer Frudesa. To emphasize how much iron its spinach has, a boy after eating it is picked up by a huge magnet; a commercial for department store El Corte Ingles showing a bullfighter dressed in a suit, using the jacket as a cape; and a commercial for Cruz Verde's Sanex shampoo using a bald woman to emphasize that the product is good for the scalp too.

Spain's San Sebastian Advertising Festival, a major predictor of the country's best work, was held in April and also yielded strong candidates for Cannes. San Sebastian's print Grand Prize winner this year was for Agrolimen's delivery chain Pizza World. The ad, also from Delvico/Bates and named by several creative directors as a potential Cannes winner (see related story on Page I-9), is for its new spicy pizza. In it, a fire hose is seen going into an open apartment door, indicating the pizza was so hot it's burning the apartment. The copy: "We present our new spicy pizza."

Alta Definicion won at San Sebastian for its Mitsubishi four-wheel drive Montero.

But even with high-quality work, it's uncertain whether Spain can sweep the awards again.

"It all depends on what the other [countries] bring," said Spanish juror and Tandem/DDB Needham General Director Rolando Sainz de la Pena.

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